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iTeaQ Wins the Bidding in Central State Organ Government Centralized Procurement Protocol Supply Program and Continuously Assists Government in Informationization Construction

Recently, the central government procurement center announced the Announcement of Bid-Winners of 2017-2018 Central State Organ Air Conditioner Protocol Supply and Procurement Project. iTeaQ is successfully shortlisted in the central state organ government procurement protocol supplier list once again.

Introduction to the Central State Organ Government Centralized Procurement Protocol Supply Project

Central State Organ Government Centralized Procurement Protocol Supply Project (referred as Central Procurement for short), which is managed by the National Government Offices Administration, is one of the procurement projects with the highest level and widest coverage in the Chinese government procurement industry. The Central Procurement sets strict national procurement standards for shortlisted suppliers from multiple aspects, including product quality, technical content, after-sales service, and comprehensive strength. iTeaQ products pass strict verifications and qualifications and win the bidding in this project once again with their excellent technologies, quality, and services.

23 models of iTaeQ precision air conditioner products covering 9 refrigeration powers are shortlisted in the Central Procurement, which indicates that customers fully recognize the product quality, technologies, services, and comprehensive strength of iTaeQ. iTaeQ adheres to a core value of "Ideal, Cooperation, Moral, Acumen, Quality" and guide its business with the "Focus on customer requirements and achieve customer values" principle. Currently, iTaeQ products and solutions have been widely used by multiple high-end government customers in China, including National Bureau of Statistics, Hubei government service cloud, Beijing government services cloud, Urumchi government cloud, Shijiazhuang smart city program, Shanxi provincial Party committee, Shaanxi provincial Party committee, Shenzhen local taxation bureau, Fujian public security department, Shenzhen public security bureau, and bureau of justice of Harbin, assisting government departments in informationization construction.