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iTeaQAssists State Grid by Ensuring Its Power Information System

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid, a provincial power company in the eastern China is responsible for optimizing the power resource distribution in the province and supplying power required for economic and society development. The company is dedicated to ensure the safe operation of power grids and the orderly power supply to fully satisfy the power requirement of economic and society development. It also commits itself to accelerate power grid construction while optimizing the power grid structure in the province to promote the sustainable development of power supply in the province. In addition, with a focus on fulfilling its social responsibilities, the company proactively promotes energy conservation and emission reduction and implements national measures to regulate high energy-consuming industries, promoting the policy of encouraging large projects and suppressing small projects in the power industry.

Project Background

With the development of information technologies, the power system puts forward a higher requirement for information computer room construction, especially information system infrastructure which needs more secure and reliable assurance.
In this context, the provincial power company follows the developing tendency of modern information computer rooms and upgrades its original information computer room. The UR rack-mounted UPS of iTeaQ is selected by the company for the power distribution system to ensure the reliable operating of the power information system.

Appendix: Introduction to UR rack-mounted UPS

iTeaQ provides the provincial power company with multiple UR rack-mounted UPSs to ensure the reliable operating of the power information system.


UR series UPSs support rack-type and tower-type installation methods, which allow the deployment to be rapidly adjusted. The display screen of the UPS can be flexibly adjusted within a range of 90°, which allows the display screen to be at the eye level in either of the rack-type and tower-type installation methods for easy monitoring. The height of the 15 kVA rack used in the project is only 3U, which saves space and makes it applicable to the computer room that needs to be upgraded and is limited in space. UR series UPSs support multiple voltage input and output modes. The 15 kVA UPS supports the 1-input and 1-output, 3-input and 1-output, and 3-input and 3-out modes. The mode is not configured before delivery and can be flexibly configured based on the power distribution in the field.


In spite of the compact design, UR rack-mounted UPSs are equipped with all necessary components, such as the standard 6 kV/5 kA SPD which can significantly reduce the failure rate caused by thunders. The system of UR UPSs has the failure warning function for key components such as busbar capacitors, fans, and batteries, which can eliminate power down risks. In addition, UR series UPSs have the power segment function, which can power off normal loads and critical loads by segments when the mains interrupt or the system is overloaded to ensure the power supply quality and backup time of critical loads. The high reliability of UR rack-mounted UPSs allow customers to buy them comfortably and use them without worries.

High efficiency

While using quality components and patented topology to improve efficiency, the UR rack-mounted UPS of iTeaQ uses excellent control algorithms for reference to monitor the environment, loads, grids, and the internal working status of the UPS in real time and adjusts control parameters to minimize the total unit loss and ensure that the UPS works in the high efficiency in any conditions. With an efficiency higher than 95%, the 15 kVA UR rack-mounted UPS can effectively reduce the operating expense. It can also work in a more energy efficient ECO mode, which can achieve an ECO efficiency of 98%. The UR rack-mounted UPS is certificated by CQC in energy saving and is shortlisted in the Chinese government energy-saving product procurement list.


UR rack-mounted UPSs support the parallel operation of a maximum of 4 UPSs, which is convenient for system expansion. Users can achieve the parallel operation of UPSs easily because the parallel addresses need not to be configured and the parallel parameters are automatically synchronized. The ring parallel cable can prevent single point of failures. In addition, the entire parallel system can be monitored by one monitoring card, which can reduce the investment. The friendly UI interface on the LCD screen is easy to operate and can save historical record time to facilitate customer in querying. The number of batteries can be flexibly adjusted while functions such as the automatic equalized/float charging switch, intelligent sleep, and temperature compensation can effectively extend the battery life.