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iTeaQ is Awarded the Preferred Brand of Precision Air Conditioner in 2016Chinese Government Procurement

Jointly hosted by the Government Procurement Information and, and with the theme of "Forward Integration and Trend Insight", the 12th Chinese Government Procurement and Centralized Purchasing Annual Meeting was successfully held at Beijing from January 4th to 5th, 2017. As the most influential annual meeting in the Chinese government procurement industry, the Chinese Government Procurement and Centralized Purchasing Annual Meeting has been held for 12 times and has great influence and credibility in the industry.

Representatives attending the meeting had high-level dialogues about hot topics in the government procurement industry to share gains and losses, exchange experiences, and discuss the trend of the industry, and presented awards to excellent suppliers in 2016 Chinese government procurement based on their brand image, business reputation, product quality, service capability, and innovation capability. As a professional Chinese brand supplier of data center infrastructure end-to-end solutions, iTeaQ was awarded the preferred brand of precision air conditioner in 2016 Chinese government procurement after a comprehensive evaluation performed by the jury composed of experts.

As an excellent brand supplier of data center infrastructure, iTeaQ has independently developed a series of precision air conditioner products which passes the strict test performed by China Quality Certification Center (CQC), and has been shortlisted by the Chinese government procurement list for several years with its excellent product quality, high service capability with effective responses, and good reputation in customers. The precision air conditioners developed by iTeaQ cover a power range from 3 kW to 200 kW and have been deployed and stably running in projects of multiple high-end government customers, including Beijing government affair service center, Chutian cloud of Hubei government, Shijiazhuang smart city program, the confidential bureau of a provincial Party committee, Xuzhou water conservancy bureau, disaster recovery center of Qujing provident fund management center, and public security bureaus and local taxation bureaus in multiple provinces and cities. In the precision air conditioner field, iTeaQ is a professional manufacturer that can provide complete precision air conditioner product series and solutions from multiple aspects.

With a focus on providing thermal management solutions for innovative, energy-saving, and green data centers, iTeaQ has an excellent R&D and product technical team in the industry and a complete product line that covers power distribution, precision air conditioner, and modular data center solutions. With self-developed and self-produced core components, all products and solutions of iTeaQ can meet the A+ standard for network energy products in non-standard design, manufacture, delivery, and after-sales service.

We sincerely appreciate the recognition from the expert evaluation group of the organizers and customers in the industry. With a principle of independent innovation and technology-based business, iTeaQ will keep focusing on providing innovative, energy-saving, and green products and solutions in the data center infrastructure field. We will stay true to our original intention with ingenuity and go forward pragmatically by providing customers in the industry with better products and services to achieve customer value.