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    CoolMaster Precision Air Conditioner


    Capacity range25kW~200kW


    l IDC, Computer room

    l Network equipment room, Server roomcommunication equipment room

    l Monitoring room, Power distribution room and battery room

    l High precision lab, Test room, Inspection room, Measuring room

    l Industrial control room, High precision workshop

    l Archive, Storage room, Museum, Wine cellar

    Technical Features

    l High reliability

    Providing Constant temperature & humidity, Cleanliness environment to ensure the main equipment run in good condition.

    All-day running design can guarantee the main equipment safe operation.

    All parts had passed severe test and confirmed stable and reliable before delivery.

    l High energy efficiency

    Sensible heat ratio is up to 91%.

    Compressor energy efficiency ratio is over 3.1, and chilled water

    cooled unit’s cooling energy efficiency is larger than 25.

    The optimal and high efficiency compressor and fans.

    “W/M” type evaporator with super large heat exchange area.

    Independent air duct design can reduce air resistance significantly and minimize fans power.

    Variable frequency design on ODU is more efficient and has longer

    working life.

    Advanced control logic can effectively avoid competitive running

    and output cooling capacity according to actual cooling capacity


    l Easy maintenance

    Front panel maintenance:

    All maintenance work can be operated from front panel.

    Air filter with metal frame:

    Cleanable repeatedly, low maintenance cost

    Self-cleaning humidifier: lower maintenance work

    Modular design with least spare parts

    Pressure difference monitoring for air filters can detect whether

    air filters was blocked or not.

    l Multiple types

    Wide capacity range:

    air cooled type25kW~120kW,chilled water cooled type30kW~200kW.

    Multiple cooling mode

    air cooled, water cooled, glycol cooled, chilled water cooled(with single/dual coil), air cooled & chilled water cooled, air cooled & free cooling, Freon pump free cooling.

    Multiple air supplying modes

    cap tuyere mode, air duct mode, floorboard mode.

    Multiple refrigerant types: R410A, R407C, R22.

    Wide ambient air temperature rang:

    standard range-20~50)、low temperature range-40~50.

    Customizationfit into special requirements.