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CoolSmart Precision Air Conditioner

Cooling capacity range5.5kW~20.5kW


l Small-Medium size computer room

l Communication base

l Rail road, Army, Broadcast base

l Power room, substation

l Monitoring room, Power distribution room, Battery room

l High precision lab, Test room, Inspection room, Measuring room

l Industrial control room, Precision workshop

l ArchivesStore room, Museum, Wine cellar

Technical Features

l High reliability

Provide Constant temperature & humidity, cleanness precision environment to ensure the main equipment in good running condition

24-hour running design guarantee main equipment operation safety

All units had passed a severe running test before delivery, which can ensure units’ high reliability.

l High energy efficiency

SHR (sensible heat ratio) is larger than 90%.

Compressor EER is larger than 3.1

Optimal and high efficiency compressor and fan in CRAC industry.

Maximum evaporator in CRAC industry ensures the highest heat exchange efficiency.

Optimal CFD air duct design: minimum air duct resistance & minimumfan power

Inverter IDU: high efficiency & long working life

Advanced control logic: avoid competitive running and output cooling capacity according to actual cooling capacity demand.

l Easy maintenance

Front panel maintenance: all maintenance operation can be finished

from the front panel

Air filter with metal frame: cleanable repeatedly with low maintenance cost.

Auto-clean function: lower maintenance work

Metal frame with marine protection grade: durable and less maintenance work.

All metal fans of ODU & IDU: durable & high end

Remote control: convenient management & maintenance

l Multiple choice

Wide range of cooling capacity: 5.5kW~20.5kW

Multiple typescooling only, cooling & electrical heating, constant temperature & humidity.

Multiple cooling modesair cooled, Freon pump, water cooled & glycol cooled.

Multiple air supply modescap tuyere supply, air duct supply,

floorboard supply, etc.

Multiple refrigerant typesR22, R407C, R410A

Wide operation temperature range(ambient air temperature): standard type-20~50, low temperature type-40~50

Customizationfit into your special requirements