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CoolFree Energy-saving Precision Air Conditioner


Energy saving principle: The CoolFree precision air conditioner is a dedicated energy-saving Precision Air Conditioner that integrates the comprehensive compressor refrigerating system and the energy-saving natural cooling system. When outdoor temperature is low, after the energy-saving component is used to transport refrigerant to outdoors, where the refrigerant cools down and becomes liquid, the refrigerant is circulated to the indoor evaporator and is then transported to the outdoor condenser after being heated so that free outdoor cold sources can be fully used. This process repeats. A low power (600 W) pump is used to replace a high power (> 7 kW) compressor. Energy is saved by more than 70%. When outdoor temperature is high and natural cooling cannot be used, the compressor system runs continuously to provide sufficient cooling capacity.

Cooling capacity range (25 kW to 100 kW)


·Computer room and Internet data center (IDC)

·Network computer room, server room, and communication room

·Monitoring room, power distribution room, and battery room

·High precision laboratory, testing room, inspection room, and measuring room

·Industrial control room and precision machining workshop

·Archives center, storage room, museum, and cellar

Value and features:


Constant-temperature, constant-humidity, and clean precision environmental control ensures normal and efficient operation of main equipment.

The structure and functional design featuring around-the-clock and uninterrupted stable operation ensure safe operation environment for main equipment.

All parts and the unit performance go through strict test before delivery and are stable and reliable.

The fully enclosed refrigerant circulating pump ensures that leakage will not occur.


The sensible heat ratio reaches more than 92%.

The refrigeration energy efficiency ratio of the compressor reaches more than 3.1 and the natural cooling energy efficiency of the energy-saving component reaches more than 24.

Relative to the compressor, the energy-saving component saves energy by more than 70%.

The energy-saving component controls frequency and capacity conversion and achieves energy saving and high efficiency.

Through adjustment of the electronic expansion valve, the system achieves stability and energy saving.

The outdoor fan adjusts the speed through frequency conversion, which achieves energy saving, high efficiency, and longer service life.

The high energy efficiency management mechanism avoids competitive operation and uses cooling capacity on demand.

·Easy maintenance

Design of full maintenance on the front panel

The air filter with metal frame can be repeatedly cleaned and used. Therefore, the maintenance cost is low.

The humidifier is automatically washed, which reduces the maintenance workload.

The modular design minimizes the number of spare parts and reduces the maintenance cost.

When the filter becomes dirty or blocked, the differential pressure monitoring function automatically provides a prompt, which facilitates maintenance.

The totally-enclosed refrigerant pump is maintenance-free.