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Distributed Backplate Air Conditioner

Distributed Backplate Air Conditioner


Cooling Capacity Range (3 kW to 30 kW)


·Innovative energy-saving data centers

·Equipment rooms with high heat density

·Modular data centers

·Data centers applying heat pipe

Technical Features:


The product is used with racks in the equipment room and is integrated and eye-pleasing.

The product reduces the floor area of in-room air conditioners and in-column air conditioners and saves the equipment room area.

The product can be used with multiple innovative and energy-saving technologies.

The load adaptively supplies the cooling capacity.


The structure and functional design featuring around-the-clock and uninterrupted stable operation ensure safe operation environment for main equipment.

All parts and the unit performance go through strict test before delivery and are stable and reliable.

The N+1 redundancy design of fans ensures sufficient air volume.

Dual power inputs

Dual pipe inputs

Cold supply under dry working condition without condensation


100% sensible heat

Close to the heat source, reducing the loss of cooling capacity by more than 30%

The return air temperature of the air-conditioner increases by around 6°C and air-conditioning refrigeration saves energy by around 12%.

Air supply is accurate, the number of fan press heads decreases, and fans save energy by more than 5%.

·Easy maintenance

The backplane or front panel can be opened by 95°, which facilitates maintenance.

Hot plugging of fans supports disassembly and maintenance.

Rotation is quick, a connector is provided, and installation is simple.

·Easy selection

Cooling capacity range: 3 kW to 30 kW

Installation positions: backplane and front panel

Functional structures: pure cold panel (without fan), integrated (fan and coil are integrated), and separated (fan and coil are separated)

Multiple choices of refrigerant:Water, glycol, and R134A

Wide adaptation of cold source: water chiller, cooling tower, dry cooler, and heat pipe

Customization: professional customization and overall design based on rack