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Fan Matrix Type AHU for Computer Room

Fan Matrix Type Air Handling Unit (AHU)


Energy saving principle: When the outdoor temperature is below 26°C, outdoor cold air is directly sent to the data equipment room after the air is filtered and goes through humidity treatment; when the outdoor temperature is between 26°C and 30°C and the humidity is lower than 40%, the air is sent to the data equipment room after the air is sprayed and filtered; when the outdoor temperature is higher than the preset temperature and cooling cannot be achieved through spraying, use the chilled water coil to achieve cooling. Outdoor low temperature and low humidity are fully used to achieve cooling and energy is saved by reducing runtime of the air-conditioning unit. In addition, air distribution of the air conditioner is changed to form a large cold pool inside the equipment room so as to reduce energy consumption of fans and investment in the floor.

Cooling capacity range (200 kW to 500 kW)


·Innovative energy-saving data centers

·Data centers where the architectural structure is designed in an overall manner

·Regions under low temperature throughout the year

Technical Features:


The equipment room is cooled down by fully using outdoor low-temperature and low-humidity air.

Traditional air distribution is changed to supply air in the form of fan matrix.

·Energy saving

The outdoor low-temperature and low-humidity air is fully used and energy is saved by more than 60%.

Air is supplied through low press head fan matrix and fans save energy by around 10%.

·Easy selection

Wide cooling capacity range: 200 kW to 500 kW

Customization: professional customization and overall design based on architecture