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BL Linear Type Modular Data Center

BL Linear Type Modular Data Center


Computer room features:

● Area less than 150 m2

● Cabinet quantity: 3~15

● 3 kW to 10 kW load per rack

● No raised floor

● Round-the-clock running throughout a year

Main requirements:

● Reliability: High reliability and available emergency handling solution

● Energy efficiency: Apply high energy efficiency equipments and implement energy efficiency in both running and design.

● Cost effectiveness: Optimize entire investment and allow stage-by-stage investment to minimize CAPEX.

● Constructing mode: Quick construction and stage-by-stage capacity expansion

● Maintainability: Minimal maintenance cost, lowest maintenance requirement, and least maintenance difficulty.

Recommended solution:

BL Linear type modular data center solution

The BL modular data center integrates cabinets, AC UPSs, PDUs, capacity-variable precision air conditioners and ventilation subsystems, and features flexible configuration, quick construction, energy efficiency, and high effectiveness.

● Flexible configuration

Cooling capacity: 5.5 kW to 38 kW per air conditioner

UPS capacity: 10 kVA to 200 kVA

Output PDU channel quantity and channel capacity can be customized according to requirements.

Provide independent cold aisle containment, independent hot aisle containment, and a combination of cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment.

● Quick construction

All parts are delivered with the data center.

Component design supports quick installation and standard installation procedure.

The data center construction procedure, from selection, purchase, delivery to building, can be completed within several weeks.

● Energy efficiency

Air conditioners are installed in rows and close to the heat source to implement target-specific cooling.

Air conditioners adopt variable capacity, so cooling capacity can be adjusted flexibly and load can be followed.

CoolRow in-row air conditioners can be used to implement more than 25 kW cooling capacity per air conditioner.

UPS efficiency ≥ 94%

The PUE value is low.