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    BM Series Modular Data Center

    BM Series Modular Data Center 

    Data center features:

    ● Area exceeding 100 m2

    ● Load exceeding 3 kW per rack

    ● Round-the-clock running throughout a year

    ● Constructing mode: Modular designand stage-by-stage construction

    Equipments are put into operation in batches.

    Main requirements:

    ● Reliability: ≥ 99.99999%. Be free of single point failure and any fault can be rectified within 10 minutes or based on a standby solution.

    ● Energy efficiency: Apply high energyefficiency equipments and implement energy efficiency in both running and design.

    ● Cost effectiveness: Optimize entire investment and allow stage-by-stage investment to minimize CAPEX.

    ● Maintainability: Minimal maintenance cost, lowest maintenance requirement, and least maintenance difficulty.

    ● Constructing mode: Modular design and stage-by-stage construction

    ● Equipments are put into operation in batches.

    Recommended solution:

    BM modular data center solution

    The BM modular data center integrates cabinets, precision PDU , in-row air conditioners , cables, iTM monitoring and other subsystems. As a typical modular data center solution, it adopts one of the cutting-edge construction modes. The BM modular data center features cost effectiveness, coordination, intelligence, and high efficiency.

    Cost effectiveness

    iTeaQBM modular data center can save computer room space effectively. With the total area of the computer room unchanged, the data center improves computer room capacity. Modules are independent and can be deployed one by one to save preliminary investment and operation/management/expansion costs and reduce the TCO significantly.


    iTeaQBM modular data center adopts standard integrated subsystems to shorten the design and implementation period. Subsystems in the modules are commissioned, delivered, and installed in a unified manner to ensure they match well. The solution provides unified training, spare parts, emergency handling measures, and routine maintenance to improve working efficiency.


    The in-row air conditioners of the iTeaQBM modular data center adopt load following technology to trace load change in real time and predict the heating trend of load using smart algorithms, thereby adjusting cooling capacity flexibly to match the cooling capacity with the heating trend of the load and avoid energy waste due to overheating or overcooling.

    The precision PDU system of the iTeaQBM modular data center monitors load precisely and determines system redundancy in time to provide precise data for operation, expansion, and reconstruction.

    The management system of the iTeaQBM modular data center manages module dynamics, environment, and safety in real time to ensure the computer room runs normally and efficiently.

    High efficiency

    Compared with conventional data centers, the iTeaQBM modular data center saves energy up to 30%, cabinet power density is improved by more than 30%, and PUE value is lowered.