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BC Container Cabinet

BC Container Cabinet

Data center features:

A data center is built in the unit of standard containers.

With high heat density, each rack consumes power no less than 10 kW.

Round-the-clock running throughout a year

Prefabricated in factories and delivered in the unit of containers

Main requirements:

Reliability: ≥ 99.99999%. Be free of single point failure and any fault can be rectified within 10 minutes or based on a standby solution.

Energy efficiency: Apply high energy efficiency equipments and implement energy efficiency in both running and design.

Maintainability: Minimal maintenance cost, lowest maintenance requirement, and least maintenance difficulty.

Constructing mode: Support customization and project-tier product construction. A data center is built in the unit of containers.

Recommended solution:

BC container-type modular data center solution

The BC data center integrates cabinets, UPSs , precision PDUs , in-row air conditioners , cables, iTM monitoring , security guard, and other subsystems into a standard container, featuring quick deployment, energy efficiency, and customization.

Quick deployment

Data centersare preinstalled in factories, eliminating a lot of engineering load onsite for customers.

The container-type design makes data center transport easy.

Energy efficiency

In-row air conditioners boast high EER, high SHR, and flexible cooling capacity.

The UPS works with higher efficiency under partial load.

The minimum PUE value can be 1.2.


A data center can be customized according to actual business requirements of a customer.