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After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Full coverage of services, zero-distance after-sales service

1. Installation service

Service content: Provide the installation service for all products of data center infrastructure, for example, equipment room precision air conditioner, UPS, and modular data center.

Value and features:

·Professional delivery capability, providing you with worry-free turnkey service in the whole process.

·Nationwide coverage of engineering capability

·iTeaQ owns an experienced engineering installation management team and a perfect quality management system and ensures the quality and period of engineering installation.

Applicable scope:

·Installation of all products of data center infrastructure: for example, equipment room air conditioner, UPS, power distribution cabinet, and battery

·Installation and construction of modular data centers, including installation of cold/hot channel

·The service covers relocation, installation, supervision, and commissioning.

2. Maintenance service

Service content: Based on experience accumulated over years in data centers, provide the professional maintenance service for data center infrastructure.

Value and benefits:

·Based on operation of customer equipment, provide tailored maintenance solutions.

·Nationwide service offices and maintenance points ensure quick response of the maintenance service.

·The professional service center offers a hotline starting with 400 and provides 7*24-hour technical support free of charge.

·A professional technical team is established to free you from any worry.

Applicable scope:

·The maintenance service covers all products of data center infrastructure, for example, UPS and equipment precision air conditioner.

2. Maintenance service

Service content:

·Daily maintenance management service for equipment rooms

·Equipment room attended service and emergency response

·Professional technical service and document management

Value and features:

·Customizable operation maintenance service solutions, tailored and close to actual requirements

·Professional service with quick response and improved equipment room safety

·The service enables you to know everything about equipment room operation and frees you from any worry.

Applicable scope

·Data center infrastructure

·Equipment room building facilities