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Turnkey Engineering Service

Turnkey Engineering Service

1. System design and consulting

Based on experience accumulated over years in data center equipment rooms, iTeaQ provides consulting services such as solution design of power supply system, refrigerating system and monitoring system, energy efficiency management, and PUE optimization.

Service content:

·HVAC and refrigerating system solution design and consulting

·UPS and power supply system design and consulting

·Monitoring system design and consulting

·Energy efficiency management, PUE optimization design and consulting

Value and features:

·Based on customer requirements, customize professional, comprehensive and optimal solutions.

·Provide customers with energy efficiency and PUE optimization solutions to realize efficient energy saving.

2. System engineering implementation

Based on experience accumulated over years in data center equipment rooms, iTeaQ provides services such as system solution design for all products of data center infrastructure, solution consulting, and engineering implementation.

Service content:

·HVAC and refrigerating system engineering implementation: for example, water system engineering implementation, system reconstruction from air cooling to water cooling (or adding water cooling), and air distribution system implementation and reconstruction

·UPS and power supply and distribution system engineering installation and implementation

Value and features:

·Rich system implementation experience ensures system stability and safe operation.

·Scientific implementation plans increase the general system efficiency.

·Normalized system engineering management ensures system engineering quality and controls the building and reconstruction cost within the optimal scope.

3. System assessment and reconstruction

In terms of data center operation, we face many complex and varied circumstances. Can our infrastructure address the challenge? Our equipment room infrastructure assessment service can help you deal with the issue calmly.

Service content:

·Power supply system assessment: for example, test and assessment of UPS, electric generator, and power distribution system

·Refrigerating system assessment: for example, test and assessment of equipment room air conditioner, air cooled outdoor unit, and chilled water unit

·Assessment of other systems: for example, assessment of monitoring system, integrated cabling, and lightning protection system

·CFD thermal simulation assessment: for example, assessment of equipment room temperature field, air distribution, and refrigeration efficiency

Value and features:

·A professional technical team provides objective and vigorous assessment service.

·Help customers clearly learn the operating status of equipment rooms.

·Help customers find problems and potential troubles that exist and reduce operational risk.

Help customers design effective optimization solutions and improve the safety and operation efficiency of data centers.