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UR Series Rack-mounted UPS (3-20 kVA)

UR Series Rack-mounted UPS (3-20 kVA)


Product Overview

UR series UPS, based on online dual conversion technology, is a power supply solution ideal for small-capacity scenarios, and can comprehensively eliminate different types of grid problems. The UPS covers capacity range of 1~20 kVA, and supports rack and tower installation modes, and works with efficiency as high as 95%.


ŸSmall-sized DCs of small- and medium-sized enterprises, branches of a large enterprise, and bank outlets

ŸAC power supply for network, communication system, and automatic control system

ŸAC power supply for precise instruments and devices

Technical Features

High Reliability

Ÿ5 kA lightning protection design for input ports significantly reduces failure rate caused by lightning.

ŸEarly warning is provided in advance in case that the bus capacitor, fan, battery, or other key components fail, reminding customers of maintenance before any fault occurs. Post-event repair is improved to pre-event protection.

Ÿ80~280 VAC super-wide voltage input range. In the 176~280 VAC range, the UPS does not derate; in the 176~80 VAC range, the UPS derates to 40% in linear mode. Battery conversion times is reduced, and battery life is prolonged.

High Efficiency

ŸIn online mode, the UPS works with 94% efficiency under 6 kVA, with 94.5% efficiency under 10 kVA, and with 95% efficiency under 15/20 kVA.

High Reliability

ŸSupport rack and tower installation modes and adapt to different installation environment.

ŸWith adaptive parallel technology, the UPS supports up to 4-unit parallel.