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UE Series Tower-mounted UPS (1~20 kVA)

UE Series Tower-mounted UPS (1~20 kVA)         

Product Overview

UE series UPS (1~20 kVA), based on online dual conversion technology, is a power supply solution ideal for small-capacity scenarios, and can comprehensively eliminate different types of grid problems. The UPS supports tower installation, and a standard UPS is embedded with batteries.


ŸSmall- and medium-sized enterprises, branches of a large enterprise, and bank outlets

ŸAC power supply for network, communication system, and automatic control system

ŸAC power supply for precise instruments and devices

ŸAC power supply for large-sized supermarket, family, and office

Technical Features

Ÿ High Reliability

ŸWith super-wide voltage input range, battery conversion times is reduced, and battery life is prolonged.

ŸWith online dual conversion technology, the UPS provides customers with stable and reliable power supply.

Intelligent management

ŸDifferent communication methods, including SNMP, Modbus, dry contact, and USB are available.

ŸSupport delayed shutdown, and determine the time to close the computer application systems and OS according to energy storage.

ŸProvide email alarm, short message alarm, and other alarm methods.

Convenience and flexibility

ŸThe LCD provides a convenient user-friendly MMI to allow real-time monitoring.

ŸStandard UPS is embedded with batteries which are convenient and easy to use.