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    UE Series Tower-mounted UPS (30~120 kVA)

    UE Series Tower-mounted UPS (30~120 kVA)

    Product Overview

    UE series UPS (30~120 kVA), based on online dual conversion technology, can comprehensively eliminate different types of grid problems, and provide customers with stable and pure sinusoidal power supply protection. Key components of the UPS adopt redundancy design and therefore boast High Reliability. Supporting rack and tower installation modes, the UPS is flexible and easy to use. The full digital control technology ensures high capability of anti-interference and protects stable output of the UPS despite harsh working conditions.


    ŸSmall- and medium-sized DCs of enterprises

    ŸTelecom and network switching machinery rooms

    ŸFinancial branches, traffic dispatch centers, security systems, etc.

    Technical Features

    High Reliability

    ŸWith 138~485 VAC super-wide voltage input range and 40~70 Hz super-wide frequency input range, battery life is prolonged, and the UPS adapts to harsh grid conditions.

    High Efficiency

    ŸWith efficiency as high as 95.7%, energy consumption of UPS and refrigerating equipment is significantly reduced.

    High Reliability

    ŸSupport rack and tower installation modes. Being able to be mounted in a 19-inch rack, the UPS adapts to different installation environment.

    ŸOutput power factor: 1. Bearing capacitive load or inductive load with power factor greater than 0.5, the UPS does not derate. Compared with traditional UPSs, the loading capability of this UPS is improved by more than 30%.

    ŸCell number is configurable (30 to 46). With this feature, original batteries can be utilized for system reconstruction, and faulty cells can be replaced without replacing an entire battery group, saving maintenance cost for customers.