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UM Series Modular UPS (25~50 kVA)

UM  Series Modular UPS (25~50 kVA)

Product Overview

UM series modular UPS, based on online dual conversion technology, can comprehensively eliminate different types of grid problems, and protect key loads. With all-modular design, the UPS supports 40~800 kVA smooth expansion of capacity and facilitates maintenance. Compared with traditional UPSs, this UPS has availability improved greatly. The UPS features reliability, efficiency, intelligence, and flexibility, and is ideal for scenarios that require large-sized power supply.


Ÿ Headquarters DCs and disaster recovery DCs of enterprises in finance, communications, transportation, energy, power, and government

Ÿ Internet DCs

Ÿ Large-sized cloud DCs

Technical Features

Modular design

Ÿ With modular design, the power module, bypass module, and control module are hot swappable, support capacity expansion based on requirements, and facilitate maintenance.

High Reliability

Ÿ The energy control unit and auxiliary power supply adopt redundancy design to eliminate single-point failure. Voltage input range: 138~485 VAC. In the 305~485 VAC range, the UPS does not derate; in the 305~138 VAC range, the UPS derates to 40% in linear mode. Backup power supply times is reduced, and battery life is prolonged.

High Efficiency

Ÿ The UPS runs efficiently under low load. In online mode, the UPS efficiency reaches 96% if the load is 40% of the rated load, and reaches 95% if the load is 20% of the rated load.

High Reliability

Ÿ With high power density, power reaches 320 kVA per cabinet. Compared with traditional UPSs, installation area is saved by 50%.

Ÿ Output power factor: 1. Bearing capacitive load or inductive load with power factor greater than 0.5, the UPS does not derate. The loading capability of this UPS is improved.

Ÿ Cell number is configurable (30 to 46). With this feature, original batteries can be utilized for system reconstruction, and faulty cells can be replaced without replacing an entire battery group, saving maintenance cost for customers.