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Phecda Series Cabinets

Phecda  Series Cabinets


Product introduction:

iTeaQ series of cabinets aims to meet the requirements of different customers for data center equipment environment. It provides highly reliable installation space and humanized internal structural design and ensures the rigidity and strength of cabinets. Relying on performance such as outstanding electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation, iTeaQ series of cabinets provides better environment and safety protection for proper operation of electronic devices.


iTeaQ series of cabinets is used in data equipment rooms of various scales and is applicable to scenarios in different sectors such as communication, industry, government, banking and enterprise.

Product advantages of the cabinet series:

·Personalized and customized application

Different requirements of customers for the data center network and server cabinets are met.

·Solid safety design

The static load of the 19-inch mounting framework reaches up to 1,600 kg and the dynamic load reaches up to 1,100 kg.

·Convenient installation technology

Most parts of the cabinet adopt the detachable structure. You can assemble or disassemble a cabinet by lifting it. This facilitates some scenarios that require disassembly of cabinet doors.

·Comprehensive and scientific cable management

Dedicated channel for cable management, seamlessly flat cables, and deployed cabinet management system

·High standard, high reliability, and perfect details

IP20 protection grade, integrated cabinet welding, better strength, normalized multi-point grounding, up to 75% of hole rate, providing more reliable usage environment

·Scalable solution and diversified accessories

The cabinet is compatible with iBlock design and rich system accessories can be simply and quickly selected.