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Special Air Conditioner Product for Cabinets

Special Air Conditioner Product for Server Cabinets


The product is developed for application environments such as telecommunication cabinet, outdoor communication cabinet, constant-temperature battery cabinet, energy cabinet, power cabinet, and control cabinet. It provides cooling for electronic equipment, electrical equipment, and telecommunication equipment inside cabinets and maintains clean air inside cabinets. This ensures that electronic equipment inside cabinets is free from erosion of external dust and moisture and achieves the best performance and longest service life.

Communication, power, machinery, transportation, petroleum, chemical engineering, new energy, metallurgy, advertising machine, charging pile, wind energy, and solar energy


Value and features:
Structure and functional design featuring around-the-clock and uninterrupted stable operation
Industrial-grade spare parts of well-known brands are used.
The protection grade of IP55 is adopted and direct washing using water is supported outdoors.
·Energy saving
High energy efficiency and low noise
The DC series adopts EC compressors and fans, and the speed is adjustable.
·Easy maintenance
Compact integrated design, flexible, simple, and convenient installation
User-friendly human-machine interface, display screen with standard configuration, simple operation
Power-on self-test function, self-diagnosis of air conditioner faults, and alarm reporting for high temperature, low temperature, sensor faults, and equipment faults.
·Easy selection
Cooling capacity range: 300 W to 4000 W
Power supply type: AC and DC (optional)
Operating ambient temperature: -20°C to 55°C
Refrigerant: R134A environmental-friendly refrigerant is used.
Customization: professional customization for special requirements.
Emergency ventilation and hydrogen discharging functions
Standard RS485 communication interface
External signal (access control and smoke) input and dry contact output