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Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

Outdoor Integrated Cabinet


Product Introduction:

The DR series of outdoor integrated cabinets is an integrated solution that provides refined temperature control capability, reserves large space for users, and can be flexibly configured. It is designed for the current outdoor base station construction and aims to further relieve the pressure of operators in site acquisition and meet differentiated requirements of customers in the aspects such as energy saving, flexible expansion, and long-term evolution. The outdoor integrated cabinet integrates an intelligent temperature control unit (providing heat exchange, direct ventilation, air conditioning, and TEC semiconductor refrigeration), an intelligent environment monitoring unit, AC/DC power distribution, lightning protection, embedded power supply, and a battery box. It reserves installation space for main equipment. The cabinet designed at a high protection grade and the design of advanced intelligent temperature control and environmental monitoring provide devices on the base station platform with reliable mechanical and environmental protection.


Dimensions: 1800 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm, 1400 mm x 650 mm x 650 mm

Heat dissipation: heat exchange capability of the heat exchanger: 80 W/K to 190 W/K

Cooling capacity of the air conditioner: 300 W to 2000 W

TEC cooling capacity: 200 W

Power capacity: 120 A to 600 A

Technical Features:

·Small occupied space and easy site selection

The occupied space is small and sites can be flexibly selected. The product is applicable to the scenarios such as mountain top, building top, and roadside.

The occupied space is small.

Compared with a traditional equipment room, the occupied space decreases by around 60%. As a result, the site rent can be greatly reduced.

Operation and maintenance are performed on the front side, which effectively reduces the occupied space of base stations.

Compared with traditional equipment rooms, the integrated operating cost of the outdoor energy system is reduced by 40% to 80%.

·Modularization and easy expansion

Modular design supports flexible configuration of cabinet dimensions and number of cabinets based on user requirements.

The cooling system and cooling capacity can be flexibly selected based on different application scenarios.

The system cabinet can be subdivided and adopt different cooling systems to meet the requirements of different devices for temperature.

Smooth parallel expansion is met and expansion requirements in various construction scenarios are met.

·High performance and easy antitheft

Reasonable structural design ensures that mounting or disassembly can be performed only after the door is opened and the cabinet has no exposed screw. This effectively improves the antitheft capability.

On the cabinet door, three dedicated antitheft locks are installed, which greatly improves the antitheft capability.

Intelligent access control and alarm design is adopted to realize remote monitoring and antitheft.

An antitheft component can be configured to capture and store images and report the images to the monitoring system.

·Compartment-based temperature control, energy saving and emission reduction

According to requirements, the temperature is controlled based on compartment, which saves energy to the maximum extent.

Cabinet materials are reasonably selected and the air channel is optimized, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the integrated cabinet.

Based on different application scenarios, the cooling system is reasonably selected, which effectively reduces the power consumption and achieves energy saving.

System fans adopt the design of intelligent and stepless linear speed adjustment, which effectively reduces noise and achieves energy saving.